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Thread: Crucial M4 SSD Timebomb - critical firmware update required.

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    This topic caught my eye as I have a Crucial Real SSD C300 3.5 : 80 GB SATA 6Gb/s : Firmware Rev: 0002. Spec as shown on case label.
    I installed this in my computer, and due to the low capacity only used it for the O/S (Win7 64 bit), all other programs were put on another SATA HD.
    Bit I had so many problems that I decided enough! And replaced it with a WD 10000 rpm 150 GB HD, which has performed faultlessly.
    Now I am wondering if a firmware update to the SSD Crucial may have cured the relevant problems. Would it be worth reinstalling?
    Though would have to reformat etc, or what ever might be required, to install a fresh copy of Win7 64 bit.
    Or would it have a second hand value?
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    the C300 doesn't have this bug, i've used a C300 64GB 0002 firmware drive for a long time without problem.
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