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Thread: RAM Memory for a Z77 board please?

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    Default RAM Memory for a Z77 board please?

    Any recommendations for RAM memory to populate my new motherboard, Asus P8Z77V Deluxe, bought to form the start of an IB upgrade for my aging Lynndale i5-750 system.

    The P8Z77V has the new Intel Z77 chipset and is designed for Ivy Bridge cpus hopefully to be released very soon. I'm looking for 2 x 8GB chips @ 1600MHz speed which will actually run at 1600MHz when an IB cpu is fitted.

    Will there be specially released memory to maximise performance in an IB system, so would I be better waiting until the cpu's are released or is the currently specified SB memory going to be more than adequate.

    Thanks for any thoughts...

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    Scrub that, that board only does dual channel,

    Gonna need to go 4X4 tbh, can't see 2X8 listed

    Stick with the ones I said originally if they will run dual without hiccups.
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