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Thread: Credit where credit is due

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    Default Credit where credit is due

    Further to my earlier thread “Not very impressed so far”:the PC was collected and returned to me with a damaged case and an unsecuredside panel from another PC. They did notchange the motherboard but we assume updated the firmware on the RAID controller. Within the first 2 days I had 3 blue screenincidents and contacted Novatech regarding both the damage to the case and the bluescreen events together with the minidumps they generated. I also said that thisPC was now not fit for purpose and requested a replacement PC or a full refund.
    Within a day Novatech were back to me asking me to returnthe machine again. When I explained that I had no faith in it I was told thatin any case it would have to be returned. I was given a return number and datefor collection. The PC was collected on 23rd April 2012 and on 24thApril I had a phone call from Technical Services saying that they had receivedthe PC and that they would be in touch. On 25th April 2012 I hadanother call from Technical Services saying they were handing this over toCustomer Services with a recommendation for a replacement. On 26th April I hada call from Customer Services offering a replacement iReign V2 PC. I asked for time to think about this andpromised to give them my decision the following day. This I did accepting theiroffer. At present the PC is not available (currently in production) so I willhave to wait a few more days for the new PC.
    Although I have had nothing but problems and less than 4 weeks use from the Nemesis since purchase in late January 2012 I cannot fault Novatech on their after sales service. I have dealt with many PC manufacturersin the past especially Mesh Computers. Getting them & other PC manufacturesto even take the machine back is an almost impossible task in itself. They willtry to resolve the problem on the phone using premium rate numbers even whenthe PC is under warranty. There was no problem in getting Novatech to take thismachine back on each occasion. All credit to them for this. Let’s hope the newPC is as good as their after sales service.
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    Novatech customer service has always been great to me, thus I keep coming back!

    The low prices don't hurt either! ;D

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