144hz display not available?

Hey, I bought ‘Novatech Elite N1812’ laptop yesterday. The problem is that my CPU is being used on the internal display. This is limiting my refresh rate to 60Hz. The display that is included in this laptop is 144Hz.

I called yesterday and was told that i had to go through to the bios and find a setting about disabling the CPU graphics. I was at work and unavailable to do it. Today is saturday and have no access to a support line that is open right now, hence im writing this. I tried to look for a relevant option however there isn’t much.

Maybe im just being dumb… but i think the only reason i have such a limited bios is because i need an update for it? but i am not too sure.

My Bios Version is : 1.07.03TNO

Thank you for your help.

Have you configured the Refresh setting in Nvidia Control Panel or Intel Command Centre??

When the unit is running in HYBRID mode then system will automatically switch between Intel Display Adaptor during low power requirement such as desktop and the Nvidia Adpator when running 3D application. This helps save power by allowing the Nvidia GPU to switch to a low power state when not needed.

Start machine with an external display plugged in and disable the display in Device Manager.

Such things as display frequency need to be configured in nVidia CP - the driver that comes with the graphics card.


After a few phone calls with the support team, i found out that they mis-advertised the model i bought. It didn’t even have a 144hz display. I got a full refund for it so that was nice. Just a bit of a pain if im being honest.

Customer service was nice and helpful in every way that they could have been.