2 days 'till DOOMsday!

With Friday the 13th looming what are peoples hopes, fears and expectations of the new Doom reboot?

Who’s got theirs pre-ordered, preloaded and waiting to play?

it is shaping up to be one hell of a game :smiley:

If I could remove likes I would just 'cause of the bad puns in that post. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really hope it’s great as I lost countless months of my time to creating and playing levels on Doom and Doom II … but I’ve heard really, really bad things about the multiplayer beta. I just hope the single player campaign plays very well

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… would it be fair to say you were a bit of a demon at it!! :joy: lol

… OK, I’ll stop now :disappointed:

Thank heaven for that :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

With the beta being so bad I have no interest in pre ordering this at all and will have to see how many improvements have been made before I part with my cash on it :frowning: want it to be good so bad though, being a veteran PC gamer and enthusiast lol

Yeah considering the Beta, I’m not particularly excited for it at all which is sad. :frowning: The multiplayer just feels like Quake or Unreal with all the weapons and such. I just hope the single player makes up for it.

Did anyone get it and is there any feedback on the final game released?

I have the game already clocked about 12hrs on it
Its one HELL of a game (Pun intended)

Single Player is Bloody Mess (In a good Way)
Soundtrack is Awsome
Graphics are nice
Multiplayer is better than it was in the beta and alpha
and the SnapMap is great i am enjoying creating my own Raid like levels


Yeah this is actually insane. So, so surprised at how good it is. I was only persuaded to part cash after I was told about SnapMap, I hadn’t heard anything about it!


I got it in a recent Steam sale but with a new contract started and some pretty gruelling hours and tough days (that would much rather a suit a younger frame lol) I finally got round to playing this for a few hours tonight. Very decent I must say, seemed to run fine maxed out on ultra but did notice some frame drops to 30 in game but no real stuttering to speak of. only ventured into the single player so far but already thinking a coop would be awesome

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I can not wait to see what the DOOM VR version is going to be like. News from QuakeCon about it was very promising.

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Duuuuuuuuuude :grin:


HAHA how did I miss this

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