2nd Screen on laptop ? help

Help ! I seem unable to connect my large screen to my Novatech Laptop N1626 ?
can anyone help ?

Hello Chevvyf1

How are you trying to connect your Laptop to the screen? DVI, HDMI etc?
What if anything is happening then you try to connect? Is the laptop detecting the second screen at all?

Also which version of Windows do you currently have installed?

Hi Sebastian, I have Win 7 and tried HDMi ; laptop NOT detecting Hanns external screen
kind regards Chevvyf1

Hi Chevvy,

Have you tried pressing the Windows key and P together to cycle between single and dual monitor options?

Hi Ryan, I have been to the screen and done that and it says 1 screen only :frowning:

I used the external screen on my previous inspire laptop from Novatech but that says “no signal” input check video cable and I have checked that cable :slight_smile:

regards Chevvy

I now know it is NOT the External Screen as I have just plugged up an old Novatech from 2005 with Win XP and it is working great on that :slight_smile:

It is weird !

Good to hear that the screen appears to be working properly elsewhere - try the Function (Fn) key and F7 together, does that work?

Failing that, have you tried reloading the drivers for the graphics? Your model is the W950LU and the drivers are found here Laptop Drivers / Manuals

Ryan, thanks for this I shall try the Fn key and F7 together - when I get my breath back from walking the DAWG up all these hills :slight_smile:

Ryan, reloading drivers many are out of date as EXISTING is newer ? :frowning: and in VGA drivers I found a file Setup.if2 ??? should that be renamed .exe and installed for 2 screens ?

I am feeling like dumping Windows and getting an Apple :frowning: this is sooo much hassle and I do not want to go to Win 8 or 10 as I went to Vista years ago and had ALL the rotten problems and paid Novatech to get rid of Vista and put on WinXP or 2000 then !

regards Chevvyf1

Hi again,

No renaming of files is needed, we’d never make it that complicated! Just run the setup.exe in the graphics folder.

If it says your version is newer then uninstall your current version through Control Panel and then install the one you’ve downloaded and see if it makes a difference. Basically you want to make sure that you’re using the drivers which we supply.

If still not working from there then get back to me and I’ll speak to @COOPS and see if he has any other suggestions for us.

If you feel it’s all becoming too complicated, give us a call during opening hours and we can remote in and take a look. My team are super friendly and knowledgeable and will be more than happy to help you out!

The number is 02392 322 500.

You’ll need your original order number (or at least your address when you bought it) so that we can locate your order.


Ryan, I am in email contact with your James :slight_smile: who has my order no. etc.,
I have just sent a long email to James about this
When I got this (no windows) there was no drivers install disk and I had to download from this forum the Installation files, and I did :slight_smile:
also found this on web …
I have tried Win KEY +P and Fn +F7 and Caps Lock + Fn & F7 (found some info on the web about thus “external screen not working on HP” … and Dell … etc.,

Experience was " … I remember I had an NEC versa laptop with an ATI mobility graphics chipset - i discovered after a particular driver revision the multiple monitor support stopped working…"

Full forum chat here

I looked for this file in the 950 LU download , could not find it :slight_smile: then found a file in Graphics Drivers “Setup.if2” and asked Ryan if I should rename this .exe and install it for 2nd screen ? he said not to do.

and the Forum told me to "download 950 LU from hotlink as per Ryans message yesterday)

Which I did … so I feel an ATI file may not have uploaded correctly or been missing ? and that is why external screen does not work :slight_smile: from day 1 but with moving I left it until now to unpack and sort external monitor :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have added Tomsguide info incase other look here for solution to external monitor/2nd screen problems :slight_smile:

Hi Chevvy,

The discussions you’ve been reading are about other brand laptops. The problems that affect those would not be the same on a Novatech laptop. Your unit (W950LU) is a new Intel Brasswell based unit and doesn’t have an ancient ATI Mobility graphics chipset - it has the latest Intel HD Graphics.

If your external screen still doesn’t show an image, and you’ve tried updating the drivers and tried the keyboard shortcuts, as we’ve recommended above - it suggests there could be an issue with your unit.

If you are already speaking with one of the two James’ in Tech Support then mention this post in your next email and they will take a look over the thread for you and arrange any necessary action, if it’s under warranty they can issue you an RMA and get this fixed for you :slight_smile:

Ryan, I did send info to James of our forum chat & hotlink :slight_smile:

Right now it would be great to return to you BUT my dearest best friends, her husband is exceedingly poorly and I need my laptop right now to Skype with her as I am so far away …

I think there may be other issues … weird things have happened … sometimes I press a key and it just DOES NOT RESPOND - it is when I am “Local” not on internet ! at first I thought it was me :frowning:

Maybe it would be best if I bought a new one, and higher spec Graphics and send this back to you after it arrives ?

As just now apart from the phone I desperately need the Skype on this :slight_smile: What do you think ?

Hi Chevvy,

I am very sorry to hear of your situation, and would like to help you with any issues you are experincing.

In regards to the freezing, are you running any programs when this happens or is the laptop just idle? Is the laptop running slow before it does freeze? When it does not respond do you have to shutdown or does it rectify itself?

Also in regards to the monitor you are trying to connect to, do you know whether you are able to change the input via a remote or the buttons on the monitor itself?

Regarding the other issues, my collegue Tom is addressing them via email.

Hi James, the freezing jsut happens perhaps in word ; or looking at a spreadsheet in excel ; or reading a downloaded to “local C: drive” .pdf ! I just wait most often thinking “is that me?” try again and it sometimes works or in a few mins - like a “loop” hold in code :frowning:

Re the Hanns-G monitor - I tried to change VGA to HDMI but it seems to revert :frowning: each time I “toggle” the buttons under the monitor ! maybe me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: brain a bit jelly just now !

kind regards Chevvy