5820k vs 6700k for the same money

Did anyone else notice the very slight price difference between the new skylake and x99 platforms? I went 5820k, more cache, more pci lanes and more cores and threads and the new 6 series cpu’s are reported to only need a bios update. What are your thoughts on this who went skylake?

Well, value for money, the older CPU always wins.

But in terms of technical advance, Skylake has the edge for being 14nm, better power management and DDR4.

If I were to upgrade today, I’d have gone for 6700k because it is a more rounded system for consumers, there are no extras sucking power. But I’m a cheapskate, so I’m waiting for the next CPU, then buy a second hand 6700k system.

just like x99 :smiley:

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Ah yes, thanks for pointing this out.

Hum… now it’s more even than I originally thought. As an enthusiastic, the X99 system makes sense with more cores down the line. As a consumer and no longer chasing the biggest overclock (myself ATM), the Skylake system makes more sense to me.

You also forgot the skylake new tech instabilites :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this dilema - there was a thread on the old forum when J2B pointed out all the advantages of the 5820k.


Haha, indeed, but how many times have you had problems with newly released processors? They usually “just works” these days.

Shame all the stuff on old forum are lost… I saw the thread, but can’t remember any details.

Im quite surprised at that Wu I really thought you would have seen the over all advantages of the x99 system over the inferior 6700k, higher cache, more pci lanes more cores all for the same price, with DX12 just round the corner promising to utilise more cpu cores in gaming I have to say considering the price difference of virtually nothing, for me the 6700k is not even in the maybe pile. Benches have shown that at the moment the 6700k does game slightly better than the 5820k but as DX12 starts to roll out that could change quite dramatically.

I guess I’m too hang up on the technical. I love the improvements by Skylake: http://anandtech.com/print/9582/intel-skylake-mobile-desktop-launch-architecture-analysis. Namely the more advanced power management, 14nm and overall new platform. I chose the i7 860 over i7 920 platform back in the days for similar price. (when I was buying new)

The x99 system is aimed at a different market. The high end market for those who are willing to spend more on extra components and don’t care for power consumption. The price difference of the platform (CPU + RAM + similar mobo) are very similar due to the inflated price of new CPU. But let’s not forget Skylake motherboard starts at £80 while Haswell-E motherboard starts at £160.

Dx12 is coming, and it will distribute load more evenly across cores. I honestly can’t foresee a 4 core 8 thread CPU fully utilised in the next 4-5 years. In fact, I am pretty certain my Sandybridge will be able to keep up if games go more parallel. The 6 v 4 core differences only appear when all cores are fully utilised.

Currently, the 5820k x99 platform make more financial sense, offering most performance for similar price as the newly released CPU. But for my second hand purchases down the road, I’m thinking 6700k can be had cheaper. :smiley:

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I see where your coming from with that, the 6700k would’ve made more sense if it had been closer to 4970k price range for me. Oh Wu £80 motherboard for a £330 cpu lol who’s gonna do that lol :joy:

Gradual upgrade:

  1. £80 mobo + non-K i5 first to get a foot into the door.
  2. wait for better components to be available on second hand market
  3. more chance of finding bits you want by getting on the platform first, rather than wait for someone to sell a bundle.
  4. upgrade one at a time.
    I’ve done similar when upgrading to Sandybridge. 2400 + low end motherboard, better motherboard, then finally a reasonably priced i7 CPU.

I absolutely agree the 6700k should not be this expensive. As with all things new, now is not the best time to buy it. But I think if it’s same price as 5820k, it still makes heaps of sense.

BTW, for your power junkies: http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2015/11/17/intel-s-broadwell-e-specs-revealed/1
10 core, 20 thread upgrade :wink:

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Read about that last week loving the fact it’s going to be a bios update on the x99 to be able to home these new beasts but alas I doubt I’ll be spending the near on £1000 for the big 1 lol

I can see the decision would be a lot easier if I had the x99 I would go for the 5820k .

I keep looking and can not decide if its worth the extra £150 or so to go skylake i5 or just get the 4790k and stick it in the system I have now. I feel your pain of deciding

Had to be x99 for me all day long future proofed and a lot more for you hard earned money imo, I certainly wouldnt be going with 4790k at this point unless dealing with 2nd hand parts like Wu is.

Andrew (who I think worked at NT for a while) commented that 6700k are being marked up by retailers because of the shortage.


That would certainly explain the pricing as it makes no sense to me at all! I do like the 6400 skylake cpu for the lower budgets though coupled with a cheap mobo and ddr4 is a great quad core entry budget!