A15a 15.6" laptop critical failure

Some background.
I bought the Novatech a15a laptop from new over 10years ago and have superseded it twice since. For the last 4 years I used it to keep at the office where it was rarely used.

Last week I booted it up (first time for 12 months+) and although very slow it functioned and I did the work I needed to. It ran with an early W10 OS. I noticed during the completion of the work that I had lost the wireless connection and so the internet but wasn’t too worried about that as the router there was distant and the service poor.

Unfortunately after completing the work and closing it down, the next day I tried to boot it up and it just went to a blank screen and W10 wouldn’t boot.
I panicked a little because I needed the spreadsheet I had created the day before and so tried ‘googling’ fixes and tried many.

Before it failed completely I managed to enter BIOS and change the boot sequence to prioritise a USB boot up and tried using the recovery USB I had already available but although I got to the screen where it enabled me to ‘Recover’ W10, when I tried, it took an hour or two and then said it was unable to complete the process and no changes were made.
As I was able to access a command prompt from the same recovery process I extracted the files that were on the hard disk that I needed onto another USB.
But I still couldn’t get W10 to boot so I used the command line to run a scan and repair process and that is when everything died.

Now when I power up I don’t reliably get the Novatech splash screen and what follows is a series (about 5) of parallel vertical grey stripes and the hard disk doesn’t show any signs of activity.
To make matters worse, I can’t get into BIOS and so can’t even try installing say W7 which I have the Disk for or anything else for that matter.

I have extracted all the data I need and so would be happy to format the HDD and reinstall W7 or recover W10 if possible, can you help?

Thanks, in advance! :slight_smile:

I am no expert.
My old A15 Novatech chassis came with W7 with an i7 processor so worth spending time on, I tried installing W10 which worked but the laptop screen would not work and only worked through the HDMI port using an external monitor?
I had to upgrade the bios (thanks to the team on here for providing a link and software for me) I made a bootable USB and upgraded the bios. worked very well (This may not work if your bios is screwed?).
I removed the mechanical hard drive and then put in a Samsumg 256gb drive and installed W10.
Machine is now a flyer. Hope this may help in some way…

What BIOS version are you currently running on this unit??

Installed BIOS 209 worked brilliantly.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the feedback.
I am also am no expert but it looks like everything is shot on my Novatech A15a.
It may be that a bootable bios update would do the job? It would be worth a shot if the experts at Novatech can provide me with a bootable USB or a method of creating one (other than the W10 which I already have and doesn’t work).
Hopefully there be someone willing to help at Novatech?

Does the unit actually POST. Although Windows is not booting, can the system start up and get to BIOS as normal. Or do you not even get that far?? A BIOS update is not something we can do if system not even stable enough to POST and access BIOS normally. Also if you are having issues surrounding BIOS access, POST etc this would not be fixable by BIOS update as it was working before and if it suddenly stopped then it would suggest a hardware issue of some kind. If BIOS / POST are working OK with no issue and problem is only around the loading of the OS then we certainly can give BIOS a try.