A15A Bios Update

Hi - Im upgrading my old A15A to windows 10 but I believe I need a bios update. I currently have BIOS version 212, can you provide the link for the upgrade please?

Many thanks

Hi Chris

I have sent you the BIOS link as requested. The final update is to version 303 for A15A. This BIOS does not do anything specific towards Windows 10 as the A15A Chassis was EOL long before Windows 10 release. As such it has no official support for Windows 10 but its not going to hurt updating it to latest.


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Thanks COOPS

I’ve managed to create the usb bootable usb using rufus and free dos

The flash.bat runs fine but it gives me a returns code=0 and tells me to RESTART SYSTEM AND LOADS OPTIMAL DEFAULTS IN BIOS and the bios version is still the same.

Is there anything im doing wrong?

Return Code=0 at the end of the flash is from the logo updater. After the BIOS flash it has to reinject the OEM logo.

Are you sure chassis model is definitely “A15A”

If it is then A15A, then couple of things to keep in mind.

Don’t change the structure of the files, so once you have the bootable key unzip the files from the zip file in to the root of the stick. So you should have the aflash3.exe A15PG.303 files etc in the root.

Make sure that AC Mains is connected and Battery is fitted and charged. BIOS Flash will not happen if AC Mains is not present or if Battery charge is low. This is sort of a self-protection mechanism to prevent power loss during flash which would cause unit to become unbootable. So it checks for AC mains and Battery and should these checks fail BIOS update will not commence.

There’s no battery fitted? Could that be an issue?

I’m ordering one today anyway

Yep, flash start-up check would fail as battery charge would be low as battery not present. Flash utility must detect AC Mains connected and battery with high level of charge before flash is allowed to proceed.

Please I’m having the same issue as well, my current BIOS version is v212 and I need to update it to v303. Please how do I get the link?

I am also in need of the BIOS.


Just to confirm you need BIOS for Novatech Branded A15A Chassis correct???
What version is your unit running right now so we can make sure you get correct update?