A15A CPU, RAM and BIOS questions

I’ve recently managed to acquire an A15A and I’ve been hoping to be able to upgrade it somewhat to make usage of it for a while longer but thanks to its quite strong design it not only supports storage and RAM upgrades but also CPU. The only downside is that the lack of any documentation with it or that I can find online means I’m not sure what’s the maximum upgrade paths I can take.

It currently has an i3-2350M on BIOS revision 300 with 4 gigabytes of single channel SODIMM DDR3 and a 500 gigabyte HDD, I am already planning on upgrading the drive to a 1 terabyte SSD but I have hopes to upgrade the RAM to 16 gigabytes of dual channel SODIMM DDR3 and thanks to Socket G2/PPGA988 not only supporting Sandy Bridge but also Ivy Bridge I am hoping to be able to access some extra features such as Ivy Bridge’s HD 4000 over Sandy’s HD 3000.

If anyone can help provide me with the latest BIOS update as well as a list of supported CPUs, maximum RAM capacity, etc of it so I know wherever I’m locked to upgrading within Sandy Bridge or I can upgrade to an Ivy Bridge processor and if I’m able to upgrade to a maximum of 16 gigabytes of RAM or perhaps even further to 32 gigabytes it’d be much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my post regardless.


I can send you BIOS update link for A15A which i will do shortly. As for CPU support as far as i am aware from the time it only support Sandy Bridge model CPU. I am not sure that support was added for Ivy Bridge as by then we had moved on to updated model A15YA. Pegatron who make the motherboard only listed support for RAM as 8GB Max. This would have been done as 2 x 4GB Modules. Modern 8GB DIMMS will use denser packed chips than those that were around when this released so the addressing of newer modules by the older memory controllers can lead to compatibility issues so its very hard for us to say if this will even work at 16GB which would require 2 x 8GB modules, maybe if they are older design modules using say Double sided Design to use more smaller density chips. 32GB however would definitely be a no i would think.

Thanks for sending the BIOS over, I’ll update it in the next few days before the 1 terabyte SSD arrives.

Shame that it isn’t quite as upgradeable as I thought but thanks for the heads up, I might try testing RAM modules before buying just to make sure it’s compatible and maybe if I’m lucky I might be able to get 16 gigs of RAM working if I do find older modules and I’ll upgrade to a quad core Sandy i7 at some point for some extra juice long term although it isn’t as needed as dual channel or an SSD.

Thanks for all the help regardless. Hopefully I’ll be able to make this laptop last me a good while until I’m able to sort myself a desktop once I can afford it although even after I do I’ll atleast have a laptop to use out and about. Cheers!

As you have mentioned QC Model CPU. Please be aware that the standard version of the A15A chassis only supports 35w Model CPU. For Quad Core CPU most of which were 45w CPU they require a upgraded thermal module and a 90w mains adaptor rather than the standard 65w Adaptor.
So Chassis that were 45w TDP CPU Ready would have had 90w adaptor with them. If it is standard Dual Core model then it would have come with 65w Adaptor. If this is the case before using QC CPU with 45w TDP you will need to also replace the Heatsink Assembly and upgrade adaptor to 90w support higher CPU thermal output.

I can easily acquire a 90w 19v PSU online but as for the upgraded heatsink is there any chance there’s still a few laying around I may be able to buy directly from you guys or a supplier to look towards once I’m able to afford the CPU upgrade or should I go scavenging online for it? Only other thing I could possibly think is to check the latest BIOS once I’ve updated the laptop to see if I could possibly undervolt the quad core although I doubt it’d support any sort of voltage modifiers.