A15A pentium b950 Bios upgrade

Hi. I have A15A laptop on bios 300.

I am going to install windows 10. Does this require a bios upgrade to avoid the black screen issue? If it does can someone send me it please?

I can’t read my serial number very well, I think it’s this but I’ve taken a photo of it attached.

NNB-BX2356 7303544-012

Hopefully that picture has attached!

Is someone able to help me with this please.

After install I have a black screen :frowning:

All sorted! Figured it out! Running v303 no black screen.


Do you have 303?? or do you need it sent?


I’m good thanks. Found it online and the instructions.

I have struggled with the Bluetooth adapter drivers so if you have those for windows 10 on the A15A that would be helpful

I can certainly look in to that for you. We dont have official driver sets for Windows 10 for that unit and as its been 11 years since we built that unit I cannot confirm exactly what BT Hardware is in it as we no longer have the production records for that unit and it was supplied with various combo cards.

Are you able to tell me what the BT Hardware PCI and VEN ID’s are or as it most likely a combo WIFI+BT Card do you know what make and model the Wifi portion of the card is. If you got the wifi working then in device manager it should show what it is. This should allow me to work out the BT model part and then i can check to see what driver support is like for that part.

That would be really helpful!

Looking at the Bluetooth directly is hard to tell but has a hardware Id of


not sure that is useful.

From the wireless network adapter driver info I have

Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG

Hopefully you can help with that. If not let me know and I’ll have another look.

On another subject… i have a Intel B950 (G2 i think) processor currently. Do you know what this can be upgraded to? Am i looking for an i3 or i5 G2 65W (can i use a 35W?) processor ? Are you able to tell me what is supported?


So firstly in regard to supported CPU. Yes it is possible to support other model CPU. As long as its sandy bridge mobile CPU for socket G2 and is 35w part then it should be supported. 45w Parts were possible but they required an updated thermal module and an increased wattage adaptor but without these items then it must be 35w part.

As for the BT. VID and PID Relates to a Chicony Wifi+BT Combo Card using Qualcomm Atheros Components.

I have managed to get some drivers for you but they are INF Based only. It means you wont have a setup.exe with them to run and install. Instead you will need to extract the download link below to a temporary folder. Then using device manager, select the device you want to update the driver on choose update driver, then point it to look in the folder you extract the files to. It should then look in that folder for updated driver and update if required. All a bit manual but will achieve the same goal.
Once updated BT Driver version should be and if you also use the wifi driver as well it should show that as


Hopefully this helps


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That’s excellent. Thank you very much for the help. All worked a treat! I’ll have a look at the CPU side and if cheap i might have a go.

Thanks again for the help!

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You are welcome, glad we could help.


Is there a way to identify a 35w processor from a part number or something? When looking online they don’t always have the power requirement listed.

You can see this link for list of CPU
Socket G2 / Socket rPGA988B (cpu-world.com)

Model number of CPU will determine if it is 35 or 45w part as listed.

Please be aware that this list shows CPU for Both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge model are Core CPU that start with a 3 such as i5-3130M. These are not supported due to chipset limitation.
Chip must be one that is Sandy Bridge. So these would be Core CPU that start with a 2 such as I5-2450M or the Pentium B8xx and B9xx series.

Thank you both very much for your help. It is appreciated. It looks like I choose wisely and waiting for delivery of my Intel Core i5-2540M!

Yep that should work. Just remember as well to clean any old Thermal Paste from the Heat Sink and apply new paste as part of your install.

Yep all done for my little lad for Roblox and steam. It’s much better thank you. An old machine but a few upgrades it’s like grease lightening compare to his old pc. Cost about £45 in total for laptop, upgraded i5 and an old SSD. Knocking about. Pulled the 8gb from his old laptop too.

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can someone send me a link for bios for a15a thank you

I have them but can’t attach them for you.