A15HE bios update

Need a novatech A15HE bios update for windows 10 as screen goes blank and battery won’t currently charge, my current bios version is 210.

While i can provide update to 303 which will fix the Windows 10 Blank screen issue, The battery issue must be resolved first. The Flash update will fail battery check required to proceed if your battery pack is EOL and requires replacing. The BIOS will not change anything regarding battery pack not charging. If it is currently not charging then battery pack will either be end of its working life, or an issue in the charging system exists which will need to be addressed first before update can proceed. When was the battery pack last replaced??

Hey there, I just replaced the battery recently as I’d been using the power plug straight to socket for several years now. It was showing 0% for several hours, then when I restarted it was 40% but when I pulled out the battery it lasted 10 mins before shutting down.

Updating the bios will be no problem as I’ll have it plugged in. Just wanted to try update the bios as was reading sometimes the windows update / bios could be causing battery not to show charging properly, but more than likely is the battery itself in which case I’ll be sending it back.

I will email over a link to the BIOS update shortly.
However to be clear, unit will not flash just from AC Mains. The end user flash utility is designed to check for battery in order to prevent damage flash in the event of mains failure. As such it checks for battery presence and charge level before commencing flash. So depending on the condition of the existing pack you have this may prevent flash proceeding. So this might be something you need to look at first if the battery charge level is to low to pass the check so worth a try and see but could be an issue.
I can tell you as well, that update does not address any issue relating to batteries. So this will not fix a non charging battery. If you have a problem with charging then this is pure hardware problem either in charging circuit or its an issue with the battery pack itself and its ability to maintain and hold a charge.