Access bios on boot

Hi can anyone tell me how to access the bios on a PC-1793, the manual I got with it is all in Chinese and only tells you how to take the machine apart.

I have tried F2, F12, Del, F9 using both a wireless and wired keyboard.

Hey Zool,

I can’t remember off the top of my head as well as some of the others, but is the PC-1793 one of our smaller Nbox’s?

Either way, it should be one of those keys that you’ve mentioned. It’s always best to use a Wired Keyboard though, sometimes Wireless keyboards act a little funny, especially if they require certain drivers that aren’t kicked up until Windows Loads.

Are you using Windows 10 by chance, or still with Windows 7?

If you’ve taken the upgrade to 10, there should be another way to get into your BIOS. You’ll have to go to restart the machine, but hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard as you do. This will get you to some advanced options.

From here, it should just be Troubleshoot and then you’re looking for the UEFI Firmware Settings, this will ask you to reboot and will boot straight into that BIOS for you.

If you’re on Windows 7, I’ll check when I get into the Office on Monday to see if it’s a more obscure key than the ones you’ve tried.

  • JASL

(P.S You may potentially be able to tap the ESC key instead to get to a Boot Menu, but I’ll know for certain once I can take a look at the documentation for you on Monday).

Thanks for the Information, the machine has Linux on it, will the shift key still work?

Unfortunately not, the Shift Key restart is a Windows 10 Feature.

I haven’t located any information that goes against the keys mentioned above.