Advertise the Forum on main Novatech site

So we’ve got this shiny new forum but it’s still not very publicly advertised on the main novatech website. I think there should be a link to the Forum up with Hellp, Wishlists, Sign in and Basket.

I think having an active bustling forum is really key to building the client base, more people will suggest items to stock, people will come here for help and end up buying more things and Novatech can start offering tougher competition against other sites.

If the issue is moderation on the Forum, I’m sure there’s people here (myself included) that may be happy to volunteer as basic moderators to lighten the load from Novatech staff.

Any other suggestions and thoughts are welcomed and encouraged!

There is a link to the forum on every page of the main site on the right hand side popup social links…

… but I see what you’re saying. I’ll have a word with the design team next week and see what they say. We will also be pushing the forum more through social media and our email shots soon but I wanted to build up a bit more content so the masses would have some conversations to read through :smile:

I never even noticed those, they’re so small!
The Novatech facebook page is pretty popular so yeah that would be a good place to plug.