Amd build advice


I am looking to replaced my kids pc which recently went to digital heaven with possibly and amd build. This would be my first amd build and am a little in the dark as to what is best to choose. It will be used for the usual home work stuff and in addition some light gaming ie minecraft etc. I have read of some issues with certain amd Linux builds and as I want to dual boot with w10 would like to avoid any problems. My budget for board cpu and ram is max 200 so a modest pc at best. Does anyone have recommendations for hardware and what to avoid. Many thanks

I cannot pass a judgment to Linux compatibility with AMD as Novatech does not support it in any way but i have not personally heard of anything about AMD not working well with Linux.

If you are aiming around the £200 mark for the motherboard, CPU and RAM then you could go for the FX-6300 which would be more than capable of light gaming such as Minecraft. We do sell a motherboard bundle to which could be of interest:

I hope it helps