AMD RX480 - Shots Fired?

So, interesting marketplace for GPU’s at the moment. AMD have thrown their hand in with the RX480, $200 with 2 of these cards out performing a GTX1080 on Ashes of Singularity! $400 of AMD vs $600 of Nvidia.

Granted the card is designed with the low end VR market in mind, but I can really see this kicking off some interesting builds at reasonable prices!

Due at the end of June, I wouldn’t be suprised if this wavers a few of those in the 1070 market.

Article from Engadget here.

Thoughts guys ?


I want AMD to do well this time. Initial thoughts are intrigued but cautiously looking from afar. I would love my next upgrade to be team red, had nothing but issues with the supposedly solid NVIDIA drivers (read: they are not good).

The RX480 looks incredible so far and anyone negatively commenting on the performance compared to the 1070/1080 doesn’t understand price vs performance. I won’t get too interested until real benchmarks come to light, so only time will tell!

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Admittedly NVidia have been sitting pretty bold on the release of the 1080 and 1070, however i’m sure there taking a worried look at the new polaris cards, hopefully NVidia will pull something out of the hat but as hipenut said, lets see some 3rd party benchmarks and real world use before adorning the flag of team red.

And I have to say the AMD drivers have actually been on point since Crimson came out, even the crossfire profiles have been very swift on release, so hard to say how this will all turn out still, but yes as I said in another thread I think the crossfire option is going to be very viable especially taking into account the TPD should allow for mid range PSU’s to cope so not adding to the cost of the upgrade. I know we have purists that always say the powerful single card is best, but I’ve always been a fan of the dual card set up as many of the old guard will know :wink:

I am interested to see the power management. I can imagine it has improved a lot but of course AMD have not done so well recently with power management and heat output.

First 3rd party benchmarks are in… :octopus:


I think this is a bold move, and may just pay off. Looks like we are in for a good year as PC enthusiasts!


Looking good so far, I wonder what NVidia will pull out of the hat to save team green

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With the 1070 being priced at around £420 according to 1 of your competitors I’d say AMD are going in very aggressive to bring mid to high end gaming to more people, nothing but good can come from this for us consumers, bring on the price war its about time Nvidia were made to be more realistic imo.

Ok so we are looking at roughly £180 for the 4g card and £230 for the 8g card early tests on the 1st drivers are showing 290-290x performance somewhere inbetween the 970-980 closer to the 980 so far! That is a lot of card for the money and thinking 2 cards will be £360 roughly for absolute power this is a very viable option! Am applying to be novatech bench tester as we speak send me 4 of these bad boys for me to bench the hell out of as soon as my CV is on your desks lol lol

I feel this is very relevant



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Yes have seen other reports on the poor performance of the cards in xfire so far, I’d probably be more likely to judge the non reference cards and a better driver but I must say its a bit shaky isnt it lol

well, i have been with AMD since i got back int PC gaming 7 years ago and dont regret it at all.

recently i got myself an XFX RX480 8gb card and took the crappy stock cooler off it and slapped a water cooling block on it. I must say that it, again, has never let me down. i play on ultra settings on all games 1080p and get on average 60 to 90 fps. it also runs great with my Oculus Rift CV1.

i play all the top games like COD BO3, Rise of the tomb raider, GoW4 and Battlefield 1 with no probs all on ultra settings. best buy in my rig at that price.

haven’t gone into crossfire yet though as i seem to be hearing nothing but bad reviews on its compatibility issue.

Anyone seen the rumours on the new RX 490?

So far I can see that it seems it will have either 16 or 32GB of stacked HBM2 memory (sweet) and likely to outpace 1080 (maybe even 1080ti) in most tests, but it’s been pushed back to Q1 2017 as opposed to being out before the end of the year.

I want to believe. Their real world performance never matches anything they suggest pre-release though :frowning: As long as the price is low enough it could be a viable option though!

That’s true, at least when it came to the RX 480. We’ll see eh!

Also excited for Ryzen, that looks very promising. Is this the fabled return of AMD???

Or will it be Piledriver all over again…

Should be very interesting to see what rumours turn out to be true on the 490, I am hoping for a single based card rather than the 2x480’s previously rumoured, as I think this will be disappointing. Could my 290’s be looking to be upgraded is the main conundrum this produces lol