AMD Ryzen - Shots Fired?

Looks like the Intel dominated CPU market may have reached it’s peak - AMD Ryzen (previously known as Zen) promises to compete with the 6900K and 7700K at a lower price point, and looks to be coming to market in March 2017.

Anyone planning to upgrade to a Ryzen based system if they are what they promise to be?

Given how AMD always say they will have the same or better performance at a better price point and then never (in recent history) live up to the expectations; I will believe it when I see it

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I really hope they at least come close this time around, can see a good few people opting for them though if the price is right. I’m in need of small machine for the kids to play on when they stay over so will definitely take a look when I’m ready to build

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Yeah they might compete for a little while, Thing is Zen is badly needed cause the current chipsets and CPU they have now have fallen so far behind due to lack of development. If they don’t now keep on top of it then they will just fall behind again as Intel keeps pushing forward bringing out new stuff with more features and better architecture. For me this is just AMD catching up, now they need to prove they can keep up and continue to be relevant in this area.


Yeah AMD 9 series chipsets were released in 2011 and haven’t changed that much since…

What do you think about Jim Keller leaving before the launch?

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I assume this is because he was there to do the actual design work on the CPU and now it is ready for RTM he is no longer required, but of course that’s just speculation! Maybe it was a variable term contract until the product was ready for release?

I have high hopes for this as I feel that Intel could do with some healthy competition to keep innovation up and prices down.

More new details…

So it appears that AMD may indeed include Windows 7 support after all, let the battle commence.


Looks like AMD are really becoming a competitor. More choices than ever for upgrading and getting a new machine

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This is literally **Phenom**enal (sorry I couldn’t resist), seriously though a stunning release from AMD.

I look forward to hearing more!

Big anandtech review of the Ryzen CPUs just posted.

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Looks less like hype and more like reality every day. Hopefully over the next few days we’ll see even more results, but Anandtech is pretty reputable imo

So it’s not all coming up roses for AMD :rolling_eyes: