Another laptop with a non bootable hard drive, and cannot install a new one

I have a Novatech notebook N250GU with a hard drive hybrid Seagate firecuda WDEXAF48.

Get a error.

INSYDE bios 1.07.06TN01

Get error message EFI PXE 0 for IPv4 80-FA-5B-5A-67-33 boot failed

So use usb ubuntu, get another error.

Based on that laptop is currently set to boot in EFI mode. So firstly OS must be installed as UEFI or system will not boot it. If install as been done in Legacy MBR then BIOS will need configured to switch off UEFI and allow MBR Boot. If OS is installed in UEFI can check that boot sequence is for hard drive at the top of the list. Based on that message its currently trying to boot from network in EFI

I know how to install windows 10 from USB, but this bios is tough to use.
How do I get the hard drive to stop booting from the network. The Laptop/ notebook freezes on start up for ages, the hard drive might be faulty this is not my laptop my bro’s.

This Seagate hard drive is not working properly.

Hi Can you check the following for me please. Can you press F2 to go in to BIOS. When the first screen comes up, can you select the “Setup Utility” option which should be the bottom middle option on the screen. On the next screen that comes up, down the left hand side will be some options to click on. Select the Boot Option. In the menus that appear in the middle of the screen, click on the UEFI Setting option. You should now see an option for “Network Stack” this should currently be set as enabled. Change the option to disabled. Now press F10 to save and exit the BIOS. Select yes to confirm. This will disable the boot LAN option. This will stop the BIOS from trying to boot from LAN. As long as WIndows 10 has been installed in UEFI and in the BIOS the Drive is definitely selected as a boot option then this should boot fine

Thank you COOPS, it is now not detecting the hard drive.

I cannot even boot the windows 10 USB in this laptop?

OK, so to be clear In UEFI Mode System Drive will not show under boot menu unless the drive contains an Installed OS in UEFI Mode, in which case it will the show a boot item " Windows Boot Manager" if hard drive is blank nothing will show.
Also USB Stick will only boot in UEFI mode as well, if stick has not been prepared with UEFI Boot loader then not possible to boot from stick. How was your USB Stick made??

The usb flash drive is detected in the bios the Segate Firecuda is not. The hybrid seems to be awol.

Just to check something quickly.

Under the Main tab of the Setup utility option where is shows drives detected on SATA PORTS, M.2 etc is the drive showing here as detected. If it is not showing here then you will need to speak to the support department as this will most likely require service inspection to see why this is not detected.

If however the drive is showing on the Main Screen as detected but is not showing under the Boot Manager as an option to boot from, then that would suggest the OS has not been installed with a UEFI bootloader that the BIOS could detect.

I know this is an old thread, but this might help someone who arrives here as I did.
My problem was an external USB DVD drive not being seen. I (finally!) found that it is necessary to disable Secure Boot, then it appears on the list of bootable devices.
Maybe everyone knows that but I didn’t :frowning: