Any ideas or info for upgrades?

hi i have been playing doom and want a better experience graphics wise. my current specs are

intel 6400
gtx 750ti
gigabyte h110m s2h
16gb ddr4 crucial (no heat spreader)
120gb ssd
1tb 7200rpm
500watt novatech power supply

there is no sound card or fan controllers also it is a stock intel cooler.
also if there are any upgrades you would make to it in general please tell me


Hey James,

Replied to your other post about the ability to add a 1070 card into the system, and to be perfectly honest once you’ve got that all set up you’re looking at a very nice gaming rig that’ll handle pretty much any game on the market at the moment.

The only few things I could think about, in terms of additional (and they really would be additional and not required), would be maybe getting new CPU Cooler. Stock ones do the job, but it’s always nice to have some head room, and a lot of them are barely noticeable sound wise, so can help keep the system quiet. Maybe also a second SSD of 250GB or so, enough to store a couple of larger games on, to help with loading.

Again, those are if I’m being super picky with the system :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi thanks for the reply I have considered a new cooler, they arent the most expensive things on the market so it wouldn’t hurt aha. But thanks for the reply

Hello. I want to upgrade my N870 with an m.2 ssd [please don’t post links to our competitors] Is this any good?i have an m.2 sata port so is this the right choice? it is only 120 gb because i only want to put the OS on it . How much memory will i have after the os install? i want to do a fresh install of windows after the upgrade so how do i make this my main boot drive so i can install windows on it?

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Hi, 64-bit windows 10 is 20gb and the 32-bit is only 16gb i have mine on a 120gb ssd too and it fits with plenty of room for necessary applications. the only thing is that there are different types of m.2 ports and im not familiar with the N870 so i cant help you there, sorry!