Any Smite players in the audience

I know some people hate on MOBA’s but Paladins and Smite have taken me in, anyone else a smite player willing to share some grumps or golden moments?

Also any advice to make Ra more sturdy than some paper in the wind would help :smile:

Play Hades. Get Wins. XD

How did you build him and what position did you play him as, since I played Hades in solo and it didn’t go very well xD

I know did not go well I was there -_-

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What also didn’t help is the majority of our team are deaf to [VH3] which was annoying when 3 gods come into your lane and you get no help at all

I was playing 3v3 joust so I was going for like a pusher role. I cant remember the actual items but I know I was going for ability power (or whatever the smote alternative is XD) and cool down reduction because his 3 and ulti are his best moves and are on high cooldowns

@PeterHolt ill play later if you want :stuck_out_tongue: