Anybody else having problem with usb3 ports

Dear forums
Very early on I have found that the USB 3 ports on my laptop are not reliable. Often connection fails unless the plug is wiggled a little bit and can also intermittently fail for no reason.
Also know several friends with similar connectivity problem with usb3

Hi Footoomsh,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your USB 3.0’s. We’re not aware of any design issue with them that would lead to the USB 3.0’s being less effective than regular USB 2.0’s (as the design is nearly identical), but this certainly does sound like you have a physical connection issue here.

I unfortunately do not have any suggestions to try which do not risk causing damage and potentially making the situation worse for you, and it doesn’t sound like a driver issue due to the changes seen when “wiggling” the connection. If the laptop is from us and in warranty, please contact our Technical Support on 02392 322 500 Option 3 and we’ll see if we can get it back and looked into for you. Alternatively, if calling is difficult in office hours, please feel free to use out Live Chat service here: