April Fool's Collection

Seen a few comical ones today.

I think my favourite is the new Mini Cooper Hipster Hatch

Closely followed by First Direct’s Savezzap

Any one else seen any good ones?


Hah, seems like Google’s April Fool’s wasn’t very funny this year:

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God do I want a Savezap… might not be skint 2 weeks after payday :slight_smile:

@codemonkey Yup… was just reading about that :confused:

Here’s a couple of my faves from the ones that I have seen

Google Cardboard Plastic

Brexit will cause traffic chaos

…If only… http://www.proton-pack.com/

Snoopvision is another fave :grinning:

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… this will change The BBC Proms



The guys over at ThinkGeek have come up with a few corkers too including the VR Sensory Immersion Generator


The best one so far I have found has to be from LinusTechTips :joy:

Update! Rhett and Link’s talk show GMM sit in silence for the whole video!


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You would still buy it! @PeterHolt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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shutup :disappointed_relieved:

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On a unrelated note, there is a whole reddit dedicated to this (Unsurprisingly)