Ark Survival Evolved

How many folks are addicted to this game? It seems to have taken over my gaming life at the moment lol it’s literally all I play at the moment!

I’ve resisted buying it as I know it would probably suck away what’s left of my life…


Yeah I have to admit I’m hooked I’ve been playing for months … loving the Halloween update, so far have lost 2 high lvl Argies and 2 150+ Trexes to the Dodo-rex, a 666,666 HP fire breathing monster is just insane lol :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s seriously addictive. Not even seen the dodo Rex yet but from what I’ve heard much the same as what you’ve said I’m staying clear of it lol. I’m running a server from my machine for it for just me and a few friends as none of us are wanting to play with the wonderful general public but 1 does do survival of the fittest a lot. It’s a great game but it’s sucks the life out of you lol

I’m playing on a private server atm too, I cant be doing with all the PvP raiding hassles at inopportune moments. I have turned up the gather and taming rates a little bit (about 1.5x - 2x) as the game can get very grindy on vanilla setting :frowning: but its still low enough to keep it challenging :slight_smile:

Looking forward to when they introduce story mode to the game to see the story behind the arks

I’ve not played too much of SotF but what I have played was pretty manic

Ahh didn’t realise there was no story mode :frowning:

I don’t get online at the right times of day to play with people a lot of the time. Needs me some single player story games.

The single player is still very good I played it a lot before I started online, it was actually beneficial doing it that way as you learn the game that way and still great fun. I run the server software just for friends we play separately but join together when needed, but my kids are all playing with me too so our compound is growing quite a lot, its definitely worth a go as it was £15 at the weekend and is a whole load of fun and game rage for that money lol


I know exactly what you mean…, nothing worse than needing to go out on the hunt for prime meat only to come back and find your unconscious lvl 100+ tame has been eaten by an argie/direwolf/raptor/“insert nasty carnivore here” :smile:

@codemonkey unfortunately its not got story yet but it on its way. It’s still early access and the devs are very good at keeping the updates coming, usually about once a week - one due tonight - (which makes keeping a server up to date fun lol) there are quite a few members n here who have Ark and maybe once the updates slow down a bit there might be a small possibility of a special dedicated server in the new year :slight_smile:

Im finding the running of the server pretty easy tbh but I guess thats because its on my personal machine so its always in front of me when I fire it up i update it and away we go. Ive suggested that the forum had some servers for many years lol I think Ark server would be a dam fine idea, its very easy on hardware a good ssd raid drive and plenty of ram and its very smooth lol God this game loves ram :smirk:

Have been working on transferring my server over to a more permanent place, so it is now running a 30 man server with high xp gains, fast taming, and high harvesting. Its running 24/7 and still in the late stages of configuration but runs pretty much perfectly, any other players what to use it feel free, as i will making sure theres no looting or unfair behavior as best i can. Server name is “UK: Ark Server - GameXL.UK

Sounds good @Jonny2Bad I shall def pop on at some point and have a little look around :wink:

A couple of other forum members are in the process of configuring/testing another 24/7 server when we’re happy with it I’ll will give you the detail if you’d like to come over and have a mooch :wink:

@Sebastion_Steel excellent hit me up on steam “rottieuk” I was using the ark server manager on my home rig which I found so easy to use and update etc! Just make sure it has plenty of ram lol this game eats it like nothing else ive come across

That it does altho the last patch (232.5) is suppose to have fixed a memory leak on dedicated servers so that should help a bit :slight_smile:

I was playing last night and monitoring my pc usage and it went up too 12g usage at some points lol I’m running on pretty high settings with VSR @2k makes it so pretty I can live with 30-40 fps lol

yeah that will about do it lol … but I bet it look really sweet :smiley:

Yeah pretty much staying at that now as it just looks so good! Not played anything else for months half the time just play on my own too just dont care can see rehab just round the corner tbh :joy:

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Arty Night time shot, with my Trike all at sea on a raft :slight_smile:

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Ive spent most of my Ark time making my compound all metal got so tedious had to turn up my gathering settings lol looks pretty cool now though still got to do the roof and corners and spray it all as the light reflection is blinding in spots lol will take some pictures later and post them

I know we have quite a few Ark players on the forum, so lets see some of your sweet screenshots

@Mike @hiPeanut @Jonarmani @Steve-O @Persephone @jacob_cassap @Jonny2Bad @Squid_Zilla

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A few screenies that I have at the mo.: