Asus Mafia 3 Game Promotion

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if I was eligible to get Mafia 3 game offer that Asus is running from today?
I purchased an Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard a week or so ago from Novatech & to get the game I need a redemption key that is provided from the retailer I purchased from.

Am I eligible for the promotion?

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Hey dude, just had this brought to my attention. I’ll drop you a reply via PM on here.

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Looks like I need a code that is provided when purchasing an eligible product.

Sorry, me again!

Thank you for providing me with a code, unfortunately when I enter all of my details (email, code & serial number) I get the following message:

Incorrect serial number entered. Please check product packaging for the correct number. Or, please contact your local ASUS support team. Make sure to state MAFIA III in the email header.

I have double checked my info & it looks like I put one wrong number when filling out the S/Number when I did the registration for the M-Board. I entered an 8 when it should have been a 6!

I’ve tried contacting Asus customer support but I keep getting directing to a page that asks for loads of info on my PC set up (M-Board, Bios, RAM, GPU, CPU etc)
All I would like to do is contact somebody who will be able to help me!

Help me Novatech, you’re my only hope! (Yep, Star Wars nerd & proud of it!!)


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the email address for the Asus promo, they got back to me this just now saying they’ve adjusted the incorrect serial number & I would be able to fill out the registration for Mafia 3.
All worked sweet & I have the game code!

I must say something about Novatech & it’s employees, they do go the extra mile for it’s customers & why I always recommend you guys to others!

I’m saving for my next graphics card so once you have the GTX 1080ti on sale, I’ll be back (as Arnie says!)

Thank you again for the help!