Received the card today from Novatech and not happy at all.

The card suffers from horrible coil whine, it’s very irritating, also the fans on the card are a little noisy, more so than I was expecting.

Will be returning to Novatech, just wanted to share.

Its not just the gigabyte card that suffers with it, I think its a complete luck of the draw with the 1080 whether you get 1 with coil whine or not, the internet is awash with different makes suffering with it. :disappointed:

One thing to keep in mind is that although the one you received isn’t good, it doesn’t mean the whole range is bad. You were just unlucky in what you received. Unfortunately with components some will inveitably be bad out of the box.

And in this specific instance like Jonny said, its even more luck of the draw with the 1080s as far as coil whine is concerned. It does seem crazy that such an expensive piece of equipment could have issues like this but then coil whine is a simple issue but the cause has so many variables. Sometimes it isn’t just about the card itself but how it interacts with the rest of your system and your power supply.

Few things to keep in mind before condemning a whole range of products! :slight_smile:


I’ve read quite a bit about Gigabyte GTX 1080 having quality control issues and failing to even work at intended speeds in many cases.

I will be avoiding them in the future.

OT: How long does it take Novatech to respond to queries normally?

I always find EVGA and ASUS to be very high quality GPU’s. i have never had a problem with an EVGA card and i have been using them since i started building computers.

Also Novatech aims to be a next working day service but this can fluctuate depending on the work load we have. For urgency feel free to call us on 023 92 322 500

Been waiting for over a week now for a refund, Novatech sure like to hold onto your money.

EDIT: Apparently there has been a system error and the refund did not go through, so I’m back to where I was last Friday.

Good thing I don’t urgently need this money.

Hi Shocky,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with arranging a refund on your recent order with us. I would be happy to look into this for you and see what’s holding up the process. If you are able to send an email to customer.services@novatech.co.uk, and include information such as the order number, and make it for the attention of Yasmin, I will be able to take a look into this in further detail and get this resolved for you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, if you wish to call us on 02392 322500, and option 2 for customer service, you are welcome to ask for myself and we can discuss this in greater detail.

I look forward to hearing from you.


It’s being dealt with by one of your representatives who has confirmed the refund has been processed today.

Hopefully there won’t be any errors this time around.

I’m glad to hear that this is being resolved for you.

Again, I apologise for the delay and time it’s taken to be resolved, and I hope this hasn’t caused too much of an inconvenience to you. Hope you have a lovely rest of your day.