Awesome little game

So this is my current obsession,

Same guys that did little inferno. You can keep your fallout 4 and battlefield, I will waste my life writing pseudo assembly code…

@codemonkey you could probably nix this in an evening?

Haha, I may have to give this a go!

I used to play Colobot years ago which allowed you to program a robot to colonise a planet using Java-like syntax

Is it me, or the art style for that game (Human resource machine) resembles World of Goo?

The blurb on the Steam page says it was made by the same developers… so I’d say yes, it does :wink:

It is

Also even at the highest levels you are basically limited to pushing stuff to and from registers, incrmenting registers and very limited if ( if zero, or if negative) Like 10 instructions total.

It also gives you targets for both code size and run-time efficiency

Keep seeing you playing it on steam, looks awesome. Definitely a game I’ll grab at some point, although I have so many games like that I need to play in my steam library already :frowning: first world problems I guess!