B-NTAB30 Windows 10 Home Tablet touchscreen "Ghost" touch

Dear Novatech Support-

I’ve been a loyal customer for many years…

My B-NTAB30 Novatech 10.1" nTab Windows 10 Home Tablet PC ( Manf.Code: B-B28T/G2928000072) has developed a touchscreen problem.
There is an irregular but frequent “ghost touch” on the top or bottom left of the screen (This ghost touch for example activates the windows start menu bottom left).
I can see the phantom presses on screen (little circles, same as when I press the screen with my finger). The problem has made the nTab unusable. I have had to deactivate the touch screen by disabling it via device manager (12c HID device)
I note “ghost touches” on a touchscreen an uncommon problem with touchscreen devices, but I can’t resolve the problem myself (eg I’ve cleaned the screen etc)

Please advise.
Many Thanks.

PS can you forward details of the B-NTAB30 drivers- perhaps they are corrupted and a reinstall may help

Hi Marcel,

If you haven’t resolved this issue yet please call our team on 02392 322 500 and speak to our support staff.

The team can provide driver package to you, also are able to check warranty status - and if your unit is under the warranty, can arrange repair if necessary.

The team can also of course provide lifetime support to the original purchaser, even if the unit is out of warranty, and assist with diagnosing the issue or suggesting out of warranty repair.

If you are close to our store in Portsmouth you could alternatively bring it into us to be looked at.

Thank you