Backing Up Windows 11

Good afternoon everyone.

What size memory stick should I use to backup both my laptop and desktop computers, please?

With my very best wishes.



This will depend on exactly what you mean by backup. What data are you wanting to backup. So for example are you looking at something to just recovery the system to a working state what would be called a Recovery Drive in Windows terms but might not include all your personal files. Or are you looking to do a full drive backup. So everything you have. This would obviously be a lot bigger in size.

Personally my preferred method these days is to use a 16GB/32GB USB Drive to create a Recovery Drive. This allows me to reinstall my system back to a working state. But all my personally files i keep in the cloud which are sync to my system, so once its up and running again these will sync back down to my recovered system. It also means everything is backed up from my specified folders automatically that i want the cloud service to look after for me.

So really it just comes down to preferences and what sort of data and how much of it you are looking to backup