Bad graphics -- is it hardware or software?

Forgive typos in advance, please…I’m trying to read on a monitor that is covered in dancing white horizontal lines. MY EYES!

I turned on my machine this afternoon and my main monitor was dead, my second monitor was showing messed up graphics. I swapped them and the position reversed (in other words, it’s not a monitor problem).

What makes me think it might be a driver: I loaded Windows 10 over the weekend, so all kinds of driver shenanigans has been going on in the background. Generally everything else has been smooth, though.

What makes me think it’s hardware: the graphics are screwed up from the very first, at the Power On Self Test, before any drivers are loaded.

I’ve done all the obvious things: reloading drivers, uninstalling and reloading again, taking the card out and re-seating it, checking the cables.

It’s an Nvidia 460, so I’ve been thinking of replacing it anyway. But I’d just as soon not do it right now if I don’t have to. Any advice would be most welcome.

I believe you’re right; if the graphics are distorted right from power on it makes me think it’s a hardware issue I’m afraid.

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Thanks for the reply, codemonkey. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself this afternoon when it occurred to me – hang on, this thing has onboard VGA doesn’t it? Yup, and it’s surprisingly good. So I can at least do email and such.

I don’t think it’ll be happy playing Fallout 4, though, so I’ll order a new card over the weekend.

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