Battery Identification - help required

Hi Chaps
need a new battery for an old Novatech Laptop. The model is marked on the back as made in China - personal computer L51 IIO. My distant memory suggests a further model NNB-527.

Added confusion arises because the made in China label says L51 IIO, but there is also an addition label saying manufactured by Novatech Direct in the UK, and I feel sure that the initial paperwork delivery note said NNB-527.

With such a vast range of batteries available I am anxious to get the right one.
Thanks for your help

Hi there

Yes it is slightly confusing - the chassis model is the L51IIO, but the actual configuration of your laptop is NNB-527. This is because we always sell chassis with a number of different options - more RAM, different CPU, different HDD, for example.

I can see that NNB-527 was manufactured in May and June 2007, so this just over nine years old. It has an Intel Dual Core T2350 @ 1.73Ghz, 1GB RAM, 120GB HDD and was supplied without OS.

The battery for this one is under stock code CBI3125A which you can order over the phone with our sales team. This battery hasn’t been in stock since November 2014 however so it is possibly no longer available - they would check this for you when you call.

I hope this information is a little helpful at least!

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Many thanks Ryan
I see the CB13125A is listed as a 8 cell battery (which surprised me a little) as indeed the price!!

9 years old, and used in a back up situation - suggests I keep using the mains lead on this one!
Thanks as always for your help

Hi Ryan
thanks for your time and effort on my behalf.
I have followed the provided link to ebay, and ordered the used item.
Thanks again

No problem, as these batteries are no longer available new there sadly was little else to suggest.