Battlefield 1 Alpha

My boy has itr and has been playing it pretty hard for the last few days, he’s not complained about anything at all so far and is loving it (apart from the fact I havent got it yet lol)

Hehe, I may have ended up buying the early enlisters edition the other night :wink:

I may also be buying a GTX1080 this afternoon and then spending all afternoon and night playing it …

My present to me for running the Great South this coming Sunday :grin:


… and typically, I can’t play due to a DDoS attack :frowning:

Hi Guys

Long time no speak. Are any of you guys playing The release of this i remember when Bad company 2 was launched and BF3 there was a fair bit of activity from the forum members sadly no one logs on from my freinds list or they blocked me lol.


I will be by the end of the week hopefully, as soon as I sort out my new car issues I’ll be on. Add your details Here and find other gamers :wink:

Looks like some of the major bugs are being fixed and a fair amount of re-balancing being done too in the path being released today.

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Still not got this yet for those very reasons, will wait to see how effective the patches are, if it’s cheap over xmas I may get it then

I have been thoroughly enjoying it, even with the occasional bug / glitch.

It looks fantastic and for the most part plays extremely well. Doesn’t stop rage quitting occasionally when it auto spawns me right in front of a land tank, but nvm :grin:

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Ok looks like I may have hit the purchase button last night, now just find some time to play it lol