BIOS and Drivers for Nspire 17.3 laptop

Looking for BIOS update and drivers for my NSpire 17.3, serial 144PE5012094. Currently running AMI C15B.616 18/03/2014

Ive sent you an email reference BIOS update for C15/C17

Drivers can be located here

You will want download for C17B as you have 17 inch model.

I’m also looking for a BIOS update for my aging 17" NSpire laptop. Can you let me know where I can find the latest version?

I ran a wmic baseboard check and I get the following:
Manufacturer Product Serial No Version
Novatech C17B Available by PM 1.0

Can you let me know what the current BIOS version is as listed in the main screen of the BIOS.

It will either be a 6xx Version or 7xx depending on what update you are running. So for example 612 or 703

The current bios running on my machine is version 616

emailed you a link for version 703 update. As you have C17 depending on which mainboard version you have this update will either leave system as 616 or update to 703. So all good if it wants to stay at 616 as you have latest version then for that MB Revision

Hello COOPS. My C15B computer requires BIOS update files. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Please can you help me.