Bios for A15HE any help

Hi All
I have problem I’m forgotten password for my bios., someone recommend to remove bios battery to reset bios but probably I make a mistake done big gap and now screen is black looks like it I lost bios if I’m correct any help with this issue please or link to download bios.

Removing the battery will not reset the password. This used to be a thing years ago and this obvious security flaw was fixed sometime ago. Removing the battery does not clear passwords anymore.
Also the Battery will not cause the bios to “be lost”

So when you power the unit on now do you get any screen output at all no mater how brief. Or does the unit appear to be completely dead

Yes power back on I can here dvd-cdrom working but screen black nothing happened

Do you have an external monitor you can connect to see if during initial boot the system is displaying anything. Its not right that the display shows nothing at all during POST so it sounds like something has failed or cable dislodged possibly if external display is working ok.