Bios for Novatech PB50_70RF,RD,RC (Elite N1803)

Hi there,

Can someone please direct me to where I can get a Bios update for my laptop?

The model code is: NNB-C65
Serial: 7459812-001

Current bios:


No further update as yet, but we will have update soon. Any particular reason you are looking for BIOS as we are not aware of any issues right now.

HI thanks for your reply. The reason I ask is because the PCH temps on my laptop seem pretty high on idle 55-65c and up to 85-90c when playing games. I’m worried if these kinds of temps long term will damage the motherboard.

BIOS will not alter this, however this is not unexpected in gaming laptop under load due to increased thermal load in the chassis which is a compact unit and also surrounding ambient conditions. This is still within the PCH design operating temperature and system is also protected by thermal cut outs so should system overheat due to issue then system will cut out before any damage can be done. So this is not something to be concerned about. Just remember to make sure that vents etc around the unit are not blocked so adequate air flow through the unit can take place especially when gaming for example which places increased cooling need on GPU and CPU.