Bios needed for charity donations

I am the technical support for a local charity that is donating refurbished computers to disadvantaged schoolchildren. We have recently been given 3 Novatech laptops that have the dreaded black screen on update to W10. The computers take my generic WIn 10 image with no problem and display quite happily until the graphics driver updates. Browsing through this forum, it seems I need to update the BIOS on each machine.

The laptops are as follows:

Novatech A15A Bios version 210
Novatech A15A Bios version 212
Novatech N3 Bios version 1.07:N

Help from the forum would be very much appreciated

I will email over the update and instructions for the A15A to bring them to version 303 which should help with the issue on those units.

We can provide no solution for the N3. Due to its age it is not being supported for WIndows 10 as such we do not have access to updates that can help around issues related to Windows 10 Support.

Thanks. 2 out of 3 is pretty good