Bios update and drivers for Win10 needed pls

I’ve upgraded my desktop PC-1498P from Win7 64 to Win10 64. Please help with getting new correct drivers and Bios update. My PC has problems and crashes after sleep mode and even after it’s been switched off. Only hard reset/switch off allows me to turn PC on again. Thank you


I have checked in to this product for you. The system uses a Zotac mainboard with an Intel G41 Chipset. Because of the products age, it was EOL even before Windows 8 launched. As such we have no official driver support for either Windows 8 or Windows 10. Sorry its not better news but as Intel are not supporting the G41 we are unable to assist with this.
As for the BIOS i have checked with Zotac and the version on the unit as shipped from our factory is the latest for that platform. So no update required.


All sounds correct, thank you for trying. Atb Raf