BIOS Update for W25CSW during upgrade

Time has finally arrived to upgrade the HDD in my everyday laptop to a SSD. Since I’ll re-install Ubuntu anyway when I do this I’ve a couple of questions.

Laptop is Model NNB-X04504 7370236-001 serial number NKW25CSW 0004 E 00394.
It’s few years old but still going strong. Currently running(from BIOS info panel):
motherboard series W25CSW
AMI BIOS 1.03.05 KBC/EC firmware version 1.03.04
ME firmware

Is there a firmware update available that I can/should install before the upgrade?
Is it possible to fit an mSATA drive or is this a factory fit only?
Any pointers on which SSD? I know it’ll take 7 or 9.5mm - Is there a preference?
Probably going for 1TB WD, Samsung or Crucial unless you advise otherwise.

Thanks in advance for your time.

If you are running Linux then the version you have is the latest and no update is required.

MSATA is possible for you to fit yourself.

If fitting 9.5mm drive then nothing required, if fitting 7mm then a foam filler needs to be fitted in to the chassis to support the drive properly due to the 2.5mm gap but other than that both drives work the same so it does not matter which you use.

Excellent news, thanks John