BIOS Update for W65_W67RC Laptop

I’ve got a pretty old bios version running on my laptop (appearing as W65_W67RC in system info) and I would like to ensure i’m running the very latest version to prevent spectre etc.

Currently it is running BIOS v1.05.10 17/12/2015

I’m sure there must be a more recent version than that by now?



I also have this laptop and my bios is 1.05.12 22/02/2016.
I’m trying to see if my processor supports VM, but the bios screen doesn’t help.
Have you had a response yet?


Hi Dave,

I’ve heard nothing, not even a message to say they don’t have a later BIOS.

Pretty poor support!


Hi Guys

Can you email me at with your order number or the serial number from the unit which will look something like this 7123456-001
I can then arrange for what you need if anything