Bios update for Windows 7 pc witn foxconn motherboard

I have several novatech pcs over the years all have been great, I update one yesterday built in 2014 without any problem (eventually) to win 10 without any modifications to software.

on an older PC i could do with knowing if the bios is current and if not ,how to get the newer version that may support win 10 and how to install it.

I have no idea if its possible to find the current version , maybe its on the hardware maintenance page at boot ?

BB-AM361G 7212925-005 , foxconn n15235 , mpbf1159010-op, barcode uy31011049635 pc g41mxe.

Any help would be appreciated , it runs fine on win 7 and my only alternative would be to disconnect from the lan. Seems a shame to trash it otherwise just because MS stops supporting win7 !

Peter Bromley

Hi Peter

The system with that serial number was built in 2007 and uses a Foxconn 6100M2MA-RS2H mainboard. There will not be a BIOS specifically to do anything with Windows 10 or Windows 8 because of the age of the board, Also Foxconn pulled out of the Retail Channel a few years back in regard to mainboards and as such there have been no updates from them for some time.

From the Drivers side, Nvidia have never released Windows 10 Drivers to support either the 6xxx Series GeForce GPU of this time nor the nForce Chipset. So while it might be possible to get Windows 10 installed, the support from the hardware could be limited due to lack of driver support.

Thank you for the swift and detailed response.
Previously i have tried to upgrade to win10 after upgrading all the drivers i could find but it fails on the reboot. I suspect thats to do with the BIOS incompatibly.

So now you’ve confirmed there is no update, i’ll give up trying further and just use it as a stand alone pc with win7 which is OK.

I’ve had NOVATECH pc since the early 2000’s , with two still running , one with UBUNTU running without any problems.

Great service and i know where to come if i need a PC/laptop in the future.

Your welcome Peter, I’m sorry we could not be of further assist in this matter.

Best Regards