BIOS Update required

…or maybe not?
I have an N1691. Part code NNB -D30 7491998-002

Barcode no NKNL50MU0001K00076

Bios 1.07.04 NTNO
KBC 1.07.02
ME FW Version

Is thwre a newer Bios please. If so where to download and.instructions on flashing

Machine is dual booted Pop OS and Windows 11

Thanks and merry Christmas


I have requested latest update from factory, will report back once i hear from them.


You can download latest update for NL50MU chassis from link below.
BIOS - 1.07.10
EC - 1.07.06

You will need to create an update USB Stick to perform the required updates. Refer to the PDF file in the download zip file for further instructions.


Thank you for this. I will have a go at the weekend


Hi, i followed the instructions. Created a usb maintaining the file structure. The usb is then booted directly from the existing bios and opens its own shell window. EC flash success. Unlock Intel MEI I presume success as the laptop reboots. I get the error message as per the photo when trying option3 for sys update. Battery is 100% and plugged in to power supply. Any ideas?



Hi K

OK looks like the script has failed to jump to the next step, not sure why that is but i’ll look in to it, in the meantime we can move this on manually for you.
If you have powered off the unit and your not at this point anymore. Boot up again and repeat Step 2 to make sure MEI unlocked. Then Run step 3 again. When it fails at the prompt you got before type the following

cd 68C1

Press enter and the working directory should change to 68C1
Now type the following


again follow this by the enter key. Main Chip flash should begin. Wait for that process to complete which will take 5 minutes or so. Then system will go through a reboot, Screen may stay blank for a few minutes while ME Update completes and then it should POST and return to normal operation. So just wait till it completes.


Thanks again. Thats worked fine. It messed up the boot order and placed my hard drive 3rd on the list after IPV4 and IPV6 network addresses. Boot then fails at IPv4 after a checking media info message. Booting to BIOS and selecting my drive allowed it to boot so I have fixed with efibootmanager in Linux. Perhaps strangely there appears to be no option in BIOS to change boot order unless i’m missing something.

Thanks again




I dont have one of these units in front of me but i believe it uses Insyde BIOS if i recall.
So if you press F2 during POST to enter BIOS. You should come to a main screen with 5 options. One of those is called “Setup Utility” if you select that one in a brief moment you should be taken to another screen that has a menu bar down the left of the screen. If you look down the options on the this bar it will have one called “Boot” If you click on this, in the middle of the screen you should be given two options to click on. One Called “EFI” and the Other Called “UEFI Settings”. EFI will let you tinker with the boot order and which Devices are enabled for Boot. However i assume you do not need to Boot from Network. So we can just disable the whole network boot thing. If you click on “UEFI Settings” you will see an option labelled “Network Stack” Set this to disabled and the press F10 to save and exit. After system reboots, Network Boot function will be disabled and technically now the only available boot option should be your OS Drive and should be the only thing shown under the BOOT/EFI menu option mentioned above.


Thanks I’ll have a look later.

From Linux terminal i did

Which lists the various boot devices and id numbers


sudo efibootmanager -o ( then comma seperated list of device ids in boot order)

That fixed it for me.

Ill have a look at your method, always good to have alternative ways if fixing problems.

Thank you for all your help


Hi yes u r right. How did I not already know this??

Thanks so much!!



No problem at all. Glad its all sorted.