Bios updates for desktop pc

I have a desktop PC numbered PC-1806A purchased in 2013 and though initially with Windows 8 now runs Windows 10 but I am having major problems with windows version updates. I’m currently stuck with version 1607 meaning that attempts to update to 1703 and now 1709 have failed 50+ times. I was wondering if the BIOS needed to be updated and whether that might be having an effect. It is dated 14.8.2013 and is American Megatrends Inc version F4. AS such it looks as though it needs updating. How do I go about that?


Most recent BIOS for your system is F9. You can get via link below. This can be used to update BIOS via BIOS QFLASH Utility. If you are unsure about this process I would suggest you contact and speak to our Tech Support team directly who will be able to talk you through the process

Other things to consider that can cause issues with the Windows 10 Upgrade. Hardware drivers for things such as VGA, Audio etc make sure these are up to date. Make sure you have enough free disk space on the drive containing the OS. Disable your Antivirus solution until the update completes as some have been known to block the update from installing resulting in rollback.
Try the Microsoft updater diagnostic tool to check update components are correct.


Thanks so much for your help with this. I have now updated the BIOS and also tried to update the drivers for the VGA and the audio which I got from the relevant websites but Windows refused to replace them claiming the existing ones are the best notwithstanding the VGA appears to date from 2006!
The new BIOS appears to run really well but alas the 1709 update failed at the same point and just rolled back for the umpteenth (40+) time. Now totally out of ideas and just managing the system by fooling the OS into thinking I have a metered Ethernet connection………………….which at least gives me a download button. The version I have (1607) otherwise runs perfectly well apart from this update problem

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That situation with the drivers is still not correct. The Driver for the VGA should be much newer than that.
As for the Windows Upgrade
If you go here C:\Windows\Logs\DISM
The folder will contain a txt file called DISM that is a log of all actions the system does during upgrades and patches since it was installed. This is probably very big now depending on when it was last cleared. So delete that file. Now run the upgrade again, let it fail and roll back. You should now have a new log file called DISM in that folder which contains data on what happened during the upgrade only. If you email that over to me at then I can get someone to have a read through and see what it is failing on to cause the rollback.

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I don’t suppose you have the same Update BUT for a 64-bit Win7 PC?
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That will depend on what revision your current BIOS is as this mainboard comes in 3 revisions so we need to know which one you already have. The actual BIOS is the same regardless of OS we just need to make sure you get the correct one for your board.

What is your system currently running.