Black Friday Deals

Our first Black Friday deals (ever!) are live!

Check them out here

Edit: Link changed as the deals are finished

I’m sat here crying into my tile adhesive at work looking at the deals thinking the kids won’t mind if they don’t have any xmas presents this year lol some cracking deals on but alas I can’t afford anything

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We offer buy now, pay later finance :smiling_imp:

Go on, go on, go on… :wink:

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More debt no no no you devil leave me alone lol

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Had the money for my monitor put aside then had to buy some new tools so that’s off till the new year now too. Those ssd deals are great though fancy a couple of the 480’s make a great raid drive

Yeah, they are the best selling product of the day. Not too many of them left now… go on, go on, go on :wink:

Honestly if i had the cash i would be on that 2 replace my 256’s raid drive perfectly so leave me to cry in peace lol :cry:

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The 5930k was the biggest upset though nearly the same price i paid for my 5820k could almost taste the extra pcie lanes so cried some more :cry::cry:

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