Black Screen crashes

Corsair 750W power supply
H81M-P33 mobo bios V1.9
I5-4460 CPU
R9 390 Strix GPU - Driver version, Catalyst 15.11

It’s a new install and was running fine under normal conditions, watching videos, browsing etc all is fine.
Yesterday I was played a few hours of Fallout 4 without issue, I launched Diablo 3 and within about 10 minutes I got a black screen - no input crash and had to shut down through the power button.

Today I cleared out drivers with DDU and installed the beta drivers and checked others. Had been playing football manager for a few hours today and hoped that the issues had gone, loaded up GRAV to see how it went and within 5 minutes the same thing, black screen - no input.

Ran FurMark at 1080 presets and it went through fine.

Initially thought it was temperature related but checking those it doesn’t go much above 60C, I’ve checked drivers numerous times although I may have missed something.

Any help would be hugely welcome.

Try non beta drivers?

Also is anything listed in eventvwr?


I’d used the latest none beta drivers the first time and still had the same issue.

I’m at work currently but I’ve looked before and the only thing that stands out is the kernalpower one about it not shutting down correctly.

When it happens my keyboard also locks up along with my headset either going silent or playing the same continuous sound. I’m not the most computer savvy so I’m not sure if that’s of any use.

When I get back I can provide any information you need from the event log if I can find it.

can always try a system restore too.

Already have done without any luck

Hmmm, there’s someone on another forum with seemingly the same issue as you, I’ll see how his trouble shooting got on. It was happening on both his monitors, with both his gpus if I remember correctly… Both are the logical choice. Have you tried under clicking your gpu, drop the power reqs.

Would be great if you could let me know.

Had FurMark running for 10 minutes earlier to see if it would actually kill it but it finished it fine.

Had Grav (only game currently installed) running for about an hour whilst I was switching out RAM sticks to see if either of those were causing issues. Weirdly enough I crashed once but it was as I launched the game, I went back to test it again and it launched fine and I got 20 minutes out of it before I turned it off.

Just clicked it back a few, setting up the fans to turn on earlier in Afterburner seems to have helped a little.

He’s not worked out the issue yet. He’s now not sure if it’s psu or mobo. I reckon it’s most likely psu, but then your fault sounds similar. And you both have amd gpu. Might be worth trying old drivers for it too?

Had memtest86+ running overnight and nothing came up wrong.

Most recent crash was after updating windows and closing the windows cortana box, same as all the others.
Black screen - no input, headset either goes mute or plays the same tone and caps lock etc don’t function.

It sounds like there may be an issue with the GPU, if you can contact Novatech Technical Support with your order number for the graphics card, they will be able to arrange a return, please check the warranty status for the graphics card as we are only able to assist with items purchased with us and that are covered by warranty.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Just an update.

RMA’d the card the weekend and they informed me they found a fault of some sort yesterday. Received a replacement today so hopefully all is sorted.

Thanks for the help.

Cool :). Sounds like a different issue to the other person, but same symptoms. His has been OK for a while now after he reseated basically everything as far as I can tell

So my replacement 390 that had been working perfectly for a month and half suddenly decided it was going to crash repeatedly and start black screening like the original.

RMA’d it and due to it not being within 30 days I can’t get a refund or replace it with a completely different card all together sadly. Was told it was crashing on Windows and will be sent to ASUS and I’ll hear back within 30 days.

Wouldn’t mind but I’ve spent near £300 on a gpu and I’ve gotten a month an half of use out of two of them in five months due to both suffering similar issues.

No fault of novatech though, they’ve been nothing but helpful.

That’s sad to hear :frowning:

Unfortunately this kinda thing just happens sometimes.

When did you purchase the original card?

Indeed, original card was mid-late October.

not good :frowning:

sounds like it may of been worth reseating the replacement card to see if that resolved it (I seem to remember thats how the guy from the other forum sorted his similar issue and that was done when you replaced your card with the new one)

bit late now i know…