Bluray writer for Elite N1768?

I made a mistake when I specified my Elite N1768. I didn’t realise the bluray drive was read only so I’ve having to use an external drive.

Does anyone know if I can fit a bluray writer to my elite? Could kick myself because I can’t even burn a cd or dvd without the external drive!

This should do the trick.

Thanks. I wonder why this wasn’t an option when I bought this back in april? the drive I bought was the only one on offer. I bought the elite because it was one of the few options where I could have an optical drive.

Luke - is this something I can fit myself? Ive changed laptop hard drives and upgraded RAM etc. Bit worried about the warranty but I cant face the inconvenience of sending it to novatech for fitting.

This is the drive you would need. That laptop uses standard slim optical drive (12.7mm) not ultra slim type.

The process is fairly simple and we can make Service Manual available showing the process in detail so as long as your are confident in what you are doing then changing out the optical drive is straight forward enough.

Super easy to install - It’s usually a single screw on the underside of the laptop that locks it in place, just remove that and it should slide out (You may have to remove the bottom cover) @COOPS may be able to confirm this and whether it will void your warranty or not. AFAIK your warranty won’t be voided just changing the drive though.

Thanks for that. Do you know if it would affect my warranty?

No we would not change anything with regard to your warranty as long as no physical damage took place to the unit that we could see was caused by the work carried out by the end user. So as long as the work is carried out correctly and no damage is made to the unit then warranty would carry on as normal.

Thanks - final question, I liked the idea of the high capacity support and 3D support. Does this mean there isn’t a drive available for my model that will do that?


Spec information I have for the Pioneer Drive is that both BDXL and 3D Blu Ray are supported. 3D Blu Ray playback can only be performed when unit is connected to a 3D Compliant display system.

That’s excellent news. I don’t think it says that on your product information.

May I see the fitting guide prior to buying it?

See above link for ESM. You will need to refer to section “2-10 Removing the Optical (CD/DVD) Device”