Buying a home editing setup

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I’m planning to buy myself a desktop computer with monitor - unbelievable, I know - and speakers/reference monitors. This will be for video and audio editing (I currently use Adobe Premiere Pro/Creative Cloud). My budget is £1000, but I can stretch to £1200 if I need to. What would people say are my best options in the UK?

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I think based on the specification of Adobe Premier Pro and for other audio editing suites a quad core I5 would be worth looking at, perhaps something like this:

Alternatively if you wanted to look into 4K editing at a later date or you are looking to do multiple large renders at a good resolution you may find an I7 based machine would be more beneficial, an example can be found here:

You can also upgrade and downgrade components across the two machines appropriately to better cater for your needs in certain aspects of the specification if that would be of help.

In regards to monitor did you have a sizing in mind, typically I would recommend a 24 inch screen but I know this is personal preference.

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Alex, Telesales Advisor