C15B tries to start but fails

As soon as I plug a power supply into my Nspire C15B laptop, the blue power light, lights up and the fan kicks in, but only for a second and then the light goes off, as does the fan. one second later the light comes back on again the fan start up and then goes off. it will keep doing this until I remove the power supply. I replace the battery with another which has been fully charged but it still wont fire up the laptop (at all). plug the power supply back in and it repeats itself, turning on and off.

Does Anyone have any ideas or is this the symptom of a fried board?

Hi did you ever get an answer my step daughters has just done the same

there may be 2 problems
or the battery is damaged / broken
either a power wire (a wire that exports the energy of the battery to the rest of the parts)