Can Novatech Elite N1768 NB boot from a usb3 stick?

I’m told I can put linux on a usb stick and run it from there but I’m not sure if i can boot from a usb stick.

I don’t see why not.
Have you tried?

not yet. I’m going to get a usb3 memory stick for speed. I dont think all my usb sockets are usb 3 though - not sure to tell which are and which aren’t.

They’re usually labelled or blue

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You can only try USB3 sticks (not type C) will work in USB2 ports , but you could also use a DVD too, however I would imagine it came with UEFI so you may need to set it to boot with legacy , although I use UEFI with fedora and it was a bit of a faff and sadly lost my instructions. I have successfully use linux on two different Novatech laptops and one Desktop, if I seem to remember that you press F12 (or esc) at boot time to select the USB, when I gety home next week I will check

I’m running Linux Mint on both my Novatech laptop and my Novatech desktop. I used a USB stick to install both systems and am pretty sure that I used the F12 key at boot up to select the USB

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