Can the ASUS blu-ray actually play blu-ray movies?

Hi, Bought the Asus Blu-ray combo 6X SBC-06D2X-U installed and used it to transfer all my data on DVD’s onto my new computer.
Tried to play a Blu-ray movie on it and it wont play. I was assuming the software for Blu-ray to play was on the disk as supplied but I can se no mention of it , closest I’ve got is a firmware update on the disk.
This being my first stab at blue-ray on the computer, have I missed something or do you have to buy a third party software for it to work the way I thought it would from the box?

A Blu Ray drive will allow you to read and access Blu Ray Media. So DATA Discs, Game Discs etc. If you want to watch Blu Ray Films, this is not something the OS will support natively, this is due to licensing of the CODEC used to encode the films on the discs. You will need to install third party software that supports the playback Blu Ray Films as these will contain the stuff required to decode and playback the movie discs.

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Thanks for answering my question. Slightly disappointed that no ‘generic’ software was included with the combo drive to get you up and running so to speak, but this was my first stab of including a Blu-ray drive to a new build so a valuable lesson learnt.

Yes, the inclusion of software would be down to the drive manufacturer, including this software would increase the cost of the drive due to the licence fees that would need to be paid. In a world moving more and more to streaming I guess its just not a cost they wanted to include but I agree it would have been nice if it was included but like I said a lot of people habits have changed when it comes to the use of optical drives, certainly on desktop and laptop computer

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Well I must be showing my age, A 3.5" floppy drive was all the rage in the day! LOL
Ok as luck would have it, Amazingly I did have a copy of cyberlink power DVD17 just lying around I hadn’t used in my last build so all ends well and im now able to watch Blu-rays on the computer.

Yes, I know what you mean!!
What a stroke of luck, glad you have found solution.
Enjoy =D

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