Cannot close PC case after attempt at cable management

I have what I believe is a standard Novatech Midi Tower Case, and I tried to manage my cables for a future SSD upgrade, but now I cannot close the side of the case with the cables poking through:

Cable side
Side view

So what are my options? Is it OK to leave the cover off, or should I attempt to squash down the cables? There will be a bulge either way.

The issue is this chassis is not designed for cable management in the right hand side. Chassis specifically designed for this allow a bigger gap between motherboard tray and right hand panel to allow for cable to be run in the gap. This chassis does not allow for this and forcing the side panel on with the cables in the small gap could risk damaging the cables.

I thought it was designed for CM, at least for smaller cables, because there is a small gap under the mobo tray and those holes for cables to go through.

In any case, I gave up and put all the cables back inside the case in this way:

All inside

In any case, I figured there was a risk in having the cables outside during normal use, because the slightest pull on the main ATX cable would quite likely do a LOT of damage, like babies born with some of their internal organs on the outside are vulnerable, too. The hardest part, both out and in, was moving the PSU each time and being careful not to drop it in the mobo.

In any case, the computer is working, still, and I’m not going to attempt that again, not until I get a case that I’m sure can handle it.