Caps lock / Num Lock Notifications minimising games! :(

As the title suggests, I’m becoming frustrated in certain games where I want to use num lock or caps lock and it’s minimising my games! I am guessing it’s because of the notifications saying “caps lock on/off” appearing in the middle of the screen is the root of this problem.

I’ve seen methods to fix this online with other brands such as Hp keyboards but nothing for novatech.

Anyone can please help me out?

Good afternoon Chris,

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue, I can imagine it’s very frustrating while in the middle of a gaming session!

The feature you’re seeing in terms of popup notification seems to be stealing the active window from the game and causing the minimization. The feature is tied to the HotKey driver installed for the function keys of your keyboard. While it is possible to uninstall this driver and remove the issue, it would mean that all of your Fn keys would no longer work, including things like turning on and off the wifi using the function keys.

It may be possible to play your game within FullScreen window mode, it’s possible this will stop the game being minimized, but you may find that the Caps lock pop up still steals the active windows session.

It also may be possible to find 3rd party software that will disable your Caps lock key from working entirely during your gaming session. This means that Caps Lock wouldn’t work until you turned it back on again, and you wouldn’t require uninstalling the driver and losing the other functions.

I hope this helps you in finding a solution to your issue!

  • James